Product Overview

In order to grow Assets Under Management, Asset Owners have had to accelerate the rate in which their investment teams have to review and analyze new deals.  However, this has created new challenges in collecting financial data, performing financial analysis and tracking committee decisions. Manual processes and desktop tracking tools like Excel are inefficient and don’t enable teams to quickly and accurately make decisions that can fuel portfolio growth. Without a better process for assessing new deals and matching them to investment criteria, asset owners are vulnerable to making poor investment decisions and acquiring assets that will not meet expected returns.

  • Cloud solution for managing investment pipeline and associated financial projections in a single location
  • Only system that can host your Excel financial models and automatically apply them to specific projects 
  • Designed specifically for the  asset owners' project investment process
  • Easy to integrate with CRM, ERP, and other third-party systems

Key Business Drivers and Solution Capabilities

Accelerate Investment Decisions

Make faster investment decisions with accurate financial analysis, decision committee management and investment approval tracking.

Grow Assets Under Management

Improve investment team velocity and productivity with automated handoffs, deal milestone tracking and pipeline visibility.

Control of Financial Modelling & Analysis

Have control of financial models and algorithms that are applied during investment analysis, simplifying investment comparison and helping to better inform better investment decisions.

Key Capabilities and Features

Financial Model Control – Systematic way to control which algorithms and Excel financial models to apply during initial project investment

  • Automate project screening and initial pricing based your Excel model hosted in the cloud
  • Ensure all financial analysis is performed with the approved project financial models
  • Collect project financial assumptions from multiple team members and automatically consolidate into a single source that feeds all financial models
  • Use custom project scoring algorithms to easily compare projects and identify deals with highest probability to succeed
  • Improve the quality of pricing models by linking financial assumptions from investment with actuals from asset management

Pipeline Dashboards

  • Quickly see the status of your entire pipeline and gain valuable insight into key financial indicators, such as Capex expectations across your portfolio next quarter and impact to annual forecasted cashflows
  • Drill down into pipeline details by any number of criteria, such as stage, return potential, technology or region
  • Track your team’s performance on pipeline execution with milestone and timeline tracking
  • View insights and trends in pipeline to determine best investment options

Investment Committee Management – Automatic process to control investment stages and approvals

  • Create investment memos to compare project opportunities during investment committee
  • Track investment committee approvals
  • Control project phases and resources based on committee investment decisions

Project Task and Milestone Tracking – Track tasks and milestones to ensure projects are acquired on time and on budget

  • Create project plans for due diligence and acquisition teams
  • Assign tasks to team members or third parties and identify task dependencies
  • Filter tasks by any number of criteria, such as due date or assignee, to ensure tasks are completed on time
  • Report on project milestones and resource allocation to assess risk of on-time completion

Approvals and Notifications

  • Configure system notifications for task actions, such as assignment or nearing due date
  • Create approval workflows and link to task completion
  • Track approval dates and status

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