Mercatus ILM from a CIO or Head of Technology Perspective

You have a tough job and must make difficult choices. Foremost among them is ‘how do I align with and support key business objectives, innovate, and deliver competitive advantage via new technology, while managing the IT budget and technology adoption risks responsibly?’

New technologies are risky and change is difficult to manage. But, you’re your existing legacy technology infrastructure is no longer agile enough to support the business model transformation required to compete in a higher volume and higher velocity distributed energy world.

Find out more about how Mercatus ILM digitalizes your mission-critical investment lifecycle management (ILM) process from end to end, and in doing so, provides a vehicle for driving your digital transformation initiative.

Key Business Drivers and Solution Capabilities

Support and align with key business strategic objectives.

Investment lifecycle management (ILM) is your mission-critical business process and end-to-end digitalization of this inter-departmental process is the key to support your CEOs metrics including growth, EBITDA, and OpEx efficiency.

Drive innovation that supports competitive advantage.

Mercatus ILM provides a vehicle for driving your digital transformation initiative. Yes, technology can and should drive process (and not the other way around) if your goal is business transformation.

Provide a flexible and scalable platform to support company growth and business model evolution

Some companies implement Mercatus ILM across multiple departments simultaneously, while others take a “land and expand” approach (e.g. deploy in the Business Development group and expand footprint over time to include EPC, O&M, etc.). The system is architected to accommodate either approach.

Manage budget responsibly leveraging legacy system and tool investments and integration

Mercatus ILM provides purpose-built capabilities for energy project investment management in the areas of pipeline, project, document, asset, and financial/compliance management. As such, it can replace horizontal and point industry solutions that provide generic functionality. However, companies do have the option of integrating legacy horizontal and point solutions that provide overlapping capabilities. Native ILM integrations include Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, and MS SharePoint.

Meet and exceed service level expectations for data security and availability

The Mercatus ILM production services are hosted within Amazon AWS data centers and infrastructure, which utilize the highest electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems monitored 24×7 by security guards. You can find a list of all the security measures put in place by AWS cloud infrastructure in the AWS docket. In addition, ILM complies with 14 government and industry compliance and assurance programs and the system has experienced 99.999% uptime over the past two years.

Ensure high levels of end user acceptance and satisfaction

Mercatus prides itself on high levels of end user acceptance and satisfaction. The key is understanding end-user needs, providing a purpose-built solution to meet those needs, and a continuous improvement culture within our product management and customer success teams. The system embeds learnings and best practices from leading global power producers and operators and depends on a close working relationship with customers to form a continuous user experience feedback and improvement loop.

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