Mercatus ILM from a CEO Perspective

As an energy company CEO you don’t have time to explore technologies and then contemplate how they might be useful in supporting your key business challenges. You start with your strategic objectives and key performance indicators — like revenue, EBITDA, and competitive advantage — and look for solutions that increase the likelihood you will achieve your targets or mitigate the risk of failure.

Mercatus ILM is a business solution for the energy business that just so happens to be delivered via cloud technology. Mercatus ILM is a solution for end-to-end digitalization of your investment lifecycle and it has been proven to significantly impact C-level metrics starting in year 1.

Key Business Drivers and Solution Capabilities

Achieve bottom line financial objectives (EBITDA) and topline growth targets

Mercatus ILM delivers an average OpEx efficiency gain of 30% in each area the technology is applied (based on customer estimates and results). This translates directly to a 30% capacity gain which can be used to reduce headcount/ overhead or invest back in the business to impact revenue growth and earnings.

Position company for sustainable competitive advantage

ILM provides an end-to-end digitization platform that ensures you have the business visibility (centralized cloud repository), ability to execute at speed (integrated processes), and insight (analytics) to compete in a high volume and high velocity, distributed energy world.

Manage business transformation and change

While ILM digitally transforms how you invest and operate to accelerate the return on your project and asset portfolio, it provides a vehicle to drive change from your legacy business model to a more agile and nimble one.

Reduce business risks and ensure compliance

In addition to the ability to better predict and forecast revenue, ILM provides the data integrity and traceability, document management and control, and process audit and consistency, that minimizes the risks of making sub-optimal investment decisions and breaching compliance and contract commitments.

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