Product Overview

The rapid growth in renewable asset portfolios in operation has exacerbated challenges in compliance, reporting, and financial performance management. Manual processes and desktop tracking tools like Excel are inefficient and may inhibit your ability to the aggregate, store, and share real-time information. Without a better process for maintaining data visibility, access, and control, you can potentially lose revenue and incur added costs. Further, your current approach provides no path for scaling your asset management process.

  • A cloud solution for automating your complete asset management process
  • Designed specifically for asset owners and operators
  • Cost-effective and simple to deploy, use, and maintain
  • Easy to integrate with ERP and monitoring systems so that all relevant data can be viewed in a single location
  • Deployed as a standalone solution or as part of the Mercatus Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) platform

Key Business Drivers and Solution Capabilities

Compliance with Financial and Contractual Obligations

Consistently meet contractual obligations and avoid penalties associated with inadequate reporting and payment delinquency.

Early Detection of Underperforming Assets

Quickly spot and take corrective actions that save time and money with up-to-date data on forecasted and actual performance.

Improved Forecasting and Investor Guidance

Consistently meet contractual obligations and avoid penalties associated with inadequate reporting and payment delinquency.

Efficient and Accurate Stakeholder Reporting

Generate reports instantly and accurately by automating your resource intensive process of manual data collection, aggregation, and report distribution.

The Mercatus Asset Management Advantage

Mercatus ILM Solution Overview

No other asset management software is seamlessly integrated with an end-to-end ILM system designed to digitally transform how energy producers do business.

This is manifested in the unique ability for data and documents to flow bi-directionally between upstream business functions — such as project origination and development, engineering and construction, and financial stakeholders — and downstream asset owners and operators.

The result is a fully digitized and streamlined asset development and management process.

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Key Capabilities and Features

Asset Registry – Establish a “single version of truth” for all asset data and records

  • Filter, sort, view asset data in real time
  • View a snapshot of performance metrics and aggregated data
  • View hierarchical data views with automatic data rollups
  • Save and share personalized registry views
  • Leverage standard and unlimited custom data fields

Compliance Management – Stay on top of all your contractual obligations

  • Maintain detailed commitment logs with assignees and deadlines
  • Add sub-tasks for each commitment
  • Send automatic notifications to commitment assignees
  • Track and document proof of completion
  • Manage tasks, notifications, and alerts
  • Leverage data traceability capabilities
  • Create reoccurring commitments and tasks
  • Configure and manage approval workflow
  • Filter commitment list by due date, assignee, priority, approval status, and custom criteria
  • View Gant chart of commitments and tasks

Dashboards – View, monitor, and analyze the health of your portfolio

  • Perform trend analysis via portfolio level data aggregation and views
  • View assets by regions, technology types, or stakeholder/investors
  • Configure custom user dashboards
  • Export dashboard views to PDF
  • Utilize snapshot/quick views of financial and performance data by asset

Document Management – Manage all of your documents in one place

  • Centralize all documents in a single cloud repository
  • View documents in a preconfigured folder structure or in a flat list
  • Utilize version and permission controls
  • Track key terms with configurable templates for each document type
  • Leverage document tagging to quickly find details within document

Performance Management – Ensure accurate forecasting to stay on track

  • Track and compare actuals vs forecasts for revenue, OpEx, and system production
  • Apply variance calculations for actuals vs forecast
  • Manually upload Excel performance data and/or integrate with external systems (ERP, monitoring, SCADA)

Reporting – Proactively share status and keep stakeholders informed

  • Schedule automated report deliveries
  • Control access based on configured rules
  • Filter report data based on any number of criteria
  • Generate custom reports for internal users and investors
  • Export Reports into Excel, CSV

Mercatus Asset Management in Action

Snapshot of Asset Information

View documents, commitments, investor information and data at a glance.

Configurable Dashboards

Create custom data views of each asset, and filter based on custom criterion

Advanced Reporting

Create and send custom scheduled or ad hoc reports to internal users and investors.

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